Monday, March 12, 2007


Our two models (Viji and Jeeva) posing as if they were Miss Malaysia candidates.Do note the contents of the banner above.There are plenty of hand phone numbers you can contact.Please RSVP your attendance for the gathering by 27th March.

"This is a great chance for the old girls and boys of St.Aidan to meet up and to re-connect friendship. The March 31st event will also be the platform for the formation of a St.Aidan Alumni- a strong voice of past students to look into ways of betterment for the school. We will also showcase some issues that may need the guidance and thought of the old students.But most of all, we would just love to see old friends meet up and experience the school once again. We are planning to have the event in the school hall,and it is most probably to be held from 6pm onwards.Please pass the word to your batch mates to come join us for this preliminary event to the 50th Anniversary grand celebration of St.Aidan which has been confirmed for 27th October 2007." - Mr.Anbu, ex student of St.Aidan and organizing committee of the 50th Anniversary.

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ME Joseph said...

My name is Joe. Was in Std 1 in 1958.
We had a 2nd Reunion in KL in April 09. Met some of my 1958 classmates! Have set up a webpage to keep in touch.
I have put a link to your page - great bit of history - I hope you don't mind.
I hope you keep your blog active & updated. Best Regards.