Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Reunion (Part 2 of 3):Everybody loves Mr.Slide

Seema vs Nicole.Two childhood buddies.....Readyyy....set......
..........go!!!Nicole wins by a mile!

We did it!!!

Karu and Kamalesh have a go...
Vicky and Vimal proving size doesnt matter!
View from the top... and the bald patch steals the limelight!
Viji finding the child in him....

I have stood in the hallways of my adulthood peering at doors,windows and and furniture and wondered how in the world they have gotten to be so small.Its funny how something that looked so large when you were a kid, looks kinda miniature when we're all grown up.I guess, being an adult robs our vision of the best things in life.

But sometimes, the flow of life creeps right back into us,and yanks us out of our artificial shell transforming us back into our original selves...the child again.For some, it involves toys,a park, a favourite holiday spot, a song....

In St.Aidan that honor goes to a rather unusual slide. One that runs along with steps in the middle, perhaps symbolically representing adulthood and childhood.If we took the steps and carefully made our way down in a safe and structured manner, it seems very adult like.However, if we decided to get there in the most fun,unpredictable, and precarious manner, then we would go down the slide, representing the essence of being child like.
The pictures above speak for themselves.Enjoy life, coz there are no re-runs.Unless...you become a kid again!

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