Thursday, April 5, 2007

Reunion (Part 3 of 3) : St.Aidan's Old Boys & Girls Reunion

The 70's gang(except Jeeva,who was born in the late 60's):left to right: Jeeva, Me, Nicole , Sheela, Shoba, Shirley , Seema, Kamalesh & Karu
The headmistress briefing everyone, about the current state of the school

Mr.Anbu welcoming everyone

Sister Usha keeping the crowd entertained with her warm and jovial speech

Three of the first batch students from St.Aidan (1958)

Everyone penning down their personal details according to the year they joined St.Aidan

Pretty maidens in a row...and they dont need saving!

Some of my mum's school mates

The current headmistress, Ng Tai Tai (in red) enjoying some finger-food

"Look at you,how you've grown"..when teacher meets student (Rodney-Nicole's brother)

The committee team being called out

So..the day finally arrived. We were half an hour late, no thanks to the extended 30 minutes we put up on the field (see article below). The crowd had trickled in slowly .It started off with about 40 people,and would eventually swell to about 65. The current headmistress was already half way through her speech.

The girls had arrived too.Nicole, Seema,Shoba,Sheela and Shirley.All from the same batch.I looked around for any other familiar faces,hoping anyone from my batch would be there,but to no avail.There were people from all ages,race,shapes and size. My mum had sent me on a mission to unearth anyone from her batch, and by the end of the 2 hour event, I had met three of her school mates.

The event was well managed by Mr.Anbu and Usha Appadorai, and the highlight of the evening was the selection of the preliminary committee for the 50th year anniversary event.The committee was split into two sections,one for the KL team and the other for the Bahau team.The KL team would be spearheaded by Usha, and Mr.Anbu would help out with the Bahau troops. There was also a mention about another gathering in KL for the KL old boys and girls to catch up.It has now been scheduled for the 12th of May. A list of all the committee members will be made available to all attendees.

There was a short networking session after the gathering, and our hosts were kind enough to have sponsored some good finger food and drinks. I took as many photos as I could before speeding off for the Liverpool-Arsenal match.

I leave you with a quote about old friends by the Dalai Lama.It serves as a timely reminder to keep in touch with our friends through our busy lives.
Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day

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