Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nostalgic Photos (from Mrs Naidu)

Some of the familiar faces i recognize : (Nazrin(standing on the left most with the wand)-Australia),Kamala(standing right at the back,in the center-Sime Darby Corporate Comm Manager),Shirin Naidu (Standing at the back,with the tiara-Australia),Sabrin Naidu(right most, holding a wand too)-United Nations, Terrence Declan (Kneeling,right most)-Astro Commercial Director)
We all stand together-its amazing that the stage could take that many kids

Another super photo-Mr.Nadarajah and Mr.Naidu (sitting left most), Mr.Devadas (sitting in the center), my dad, Mr Chandran and Mr.Ting (sitting third and 2nd from right)

Mrs.Naidu standing in the center. My standard One teacher standing on the right of her.Mr.Devadas behind her, and Mr.Naidu standing on the left)

We always welcome photo contributions,information and stories to enhance this blog. Our latest contributor is Mrs.Naidu, who lived in the school quarters and someone I have known all my life.Coincidentally my mum and Mrs.Naidu share the same birthday date, August 9th - my sister and Mrs.Naidu's youngest daughter are called Annie and Amy (born in the same year too), and we were neighbours.Over the years she has treated me like a mother, and almost every Bahai New Year (March 21st) she never fails to invite me to be part of their dinner celebrations to coincide with my own birthday on the 22nd.The first two photos above showcases the participants of a play in the 70's.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from 'the Aladin' (2nd pic) - Sounds of Music

sylvia said...

i think that the teacher on the right is cikgu devaki and miss kuan