Saturday, May 12, 2007

God's greatest creation (Happy Mother's Day)

Tsunamis come and go, the share market fluctuates erratically,the weather is mindnumbingly unpredictable and well, people change - but mothers...well thats a different story totally.In spite of the zillion of hours of pain,and hurt,and torture and frustration..and whatever hell we've put our mothers through, somehow..she's always there for us.She continues to love and sacrifice her own needs for our needs.Some say mothers are god's greatest creation.
I say, my mum IS,.. God!!!
How else can i explain it? She did bring me to life..gave birth to me..nurtured me..was always there for me when the chips were down (and many a time when the cash register did not go kaching!). My first form of education and tuition wasnt at school,but were at the dining table of my lil home in st.aidan where she would spend hours and hours teaching me.She never gave up on matter how many bones I broke (no thanks to football and daredevil stunts) no matter how many times i disappointed her or failed to live up to expectations.
(there was a recent survey conducted in the US that a a stay-at-home mom would command an annual salary of more than US$138,000 (RM 480,000), and a working mum would command US$85,000 per year)
In honor of all mothers for all the sacrifices they make everyday of their lives around the world, there's a day allocated for her..Mother's Day.Its a day where we get to lavish her with gifts,and food,songs and laughter.But strangely, I have never celebrated mother's day at all.The reason?
Well, every day to me is mother's day. Every moment spent with my mum feels like a moment spent less with her.Yeah, just like any other grown up kid, i buy her perfumes, bundle her with cash, bring her about town and sorts. But I value her even more now,than I did as I was growing up.I know deep inside of me, the clock ticks precariously closer to a day where i must let her go. I hope that dreaded day doesnt arrive, but Im thankful that I even have a mother in the first place. Perhaps we cant give our mums eternal life, but we could at least breathe life into her with the comfort, time and joy we have to offer.
We love our moms, and perhaps we should express it more often.And even if we dont,they'll still love us.Here's something nice to spread across this wonderful day, a tribute to god's greatest creation. Lets make her smile,today of all days, and make her remember of that wonderful smile when she first held us in her arms, and her eyes looked upon us for the first a mother.

My Mother, the Queen of My Heart

J. S. Bach

My mother, the queen of my heart,
Reigns in my sky like a moon,
Pulling the tides of my senses,
Lighting the paths of my dreams.

All melodies hence will play subtly
Against this first, dominant theme
That will turn their most delicate graces
Into harmonies they'll never hear.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Siva !

I am speechless to see your blog !! I remember that photo of yours when you were a little boy ! My name is Lee Leng and I used to come to your house after school for tuition with your father. Wow ! how the years pass us by ! Unfortunately, I live in Canada now otherwise, I'll be there for this special day ! How is your dad, Mr. Chandran ? You certainly brings back lots of memories !!