Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our Chief Blogging Researcher and His Wonder Years

This blog could not have materialized if it was not for the support and research of my gifted St.Aidan mentor/friend. Here he is,speaking from the heart:


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Teacher, SMK Kampung Baru Si Rusa ,PD

St.Aidan Years
1973 to 1978

Chief Blogging Researcher

Thinking back I feel really proud to have studied in a school like St Aidan's. Memories of happenings in the school still remains fresh in my mind. St Aidan's is rather special to me as I not only studied there but lived in the school compounds from the time I was born till I was 12.My dad Mr. Nadarajah was one of the earliest teachers of the school since it started in 1957.We lived in one of the semi detacted houses just next to the field. The school compound was my playland. I think there is hardly any place that I have not wandered in the compound.The one thing that I cannot forget about St Aidans is the school sports.

Till today I am yet to come across enjoyable sports events like those of held at St Aidan expecially the house decorations that are done so secretly by the house masters during the night before the sports. I still remember the march pass by the armed forces marching for the tune ' Bridge Over River Kwai'. The teachers of that era were that committed to their work and they always went that extra mile to put up something. St Aidans was also one of the 1st schools in Negeri Sembilan to have their own hall.Just imagine ,we used to have movies shown in the hall on Fridays. As I can remember the movie projectors were handled by Mr. Chandran and my dad.I wonder how many students would have had these priviledge of watching movies like The Love Bug, Crazy Boys, Grizzly Bear,etc at school for a minimal fee.

I would really like to get back to those who studied from 1973 - 1979 in the Neptune class. One of them who is still in touch with me is Lew Chee Ming. Others that I would like to get in touch are Joseph Lopez, Edmund Martinez, Lee Seok Hwa, Chin Fui Kean, Santhy Ponudurai, Nordin, Wong Siew Yong, Woon Siew Sin and others of that batch.

Another special thing about St Aidans is that my parents wedding was the 1st wedding that was held in the upper block classrooms of the school in 1964.

I hope the plan to have a gathering to mark the 50th anniversary of the school takes place as planned. Siva, son of Mr Chandran, a teacher of the school who also lived in the school compound got me to assist him in gathering some info about St Aidans. He is doing a wonderful job and I will do my best to assist him. We are planning to go down to bahau to have a look at the school this weekend. Heard that the school has gone through tremendous changes....... Hope we don't have to dig for the remains. Anyway we are bringing the shovels along.. just in case..

Cheerio for now.

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saintaidan (siva c) said...

Jeeva, if you're reading this,Im gonna post more of your younger day photos for the world to drool over...he!he!Hope you liked the shot I put up for my 5th birthday.Habislah you...all your ex-gf gonna come searching for you.too bad ,you're taken! :)