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Where Are They Now? Mr.Naidu

This photo was taken way back on the 28th April 1971.Left is Nazrin,toddler is Sabrin and tallest of the lot is Shirin
The Naidu family.The family I have known all my life, and are based all over the world

(standing from left : Nazrin,Sabrin,Shirin and Amelia. Sitting: Mr.&Mrs Naidu)

There really wouldnt be enough space in this whole blog to feature the "Indiana Jones" adventure-styled life of Mr.Naidu. So, I'm going to take a back-seat and enjoy the thoughts from the man himself.Here he is reporting from East Timor.

"Everyone knew me as Naidu while my full name is actually Appala Naidu. I was one of the early teachers who joined St.Aidan in the year 1965 and ended in the year 1987 before being transferred to the secondary school.

I optioned out at the age of 50 and joined private colleges working in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru and in Papua New Guinea. After that ,I joined an NGO in Cambodia before being accepted as an United Nations Volunteer in the troubled country of Afghanistan. I continued working with the UN and am presently deployed in East Timor (Timor Leste). Presently,my specialisation with UN is assisting conduct elections wherever the UN undertakes its mission.

I was so thrilled to have been posted to St.Aidan in Bahau. I was then travelling from Kuala Pilah, a small town in the state of Negeri Sembilan. St.Aidan in those years had the only secondary school catering up to form 3 preparing the students for Lower Certificate of Education. The staff comprised of the secondary and the primary were the happiest lot working together. I was under the headmaster Mr.David Davadas Dorairaj. He was an able , competent and also served as a National Teachers’ Union leader.

During my teacher's training period, I underwent almost two years part time Athletic training.I was one of the top technical athletic officials with the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union . Well informed about the athletics specialising in the track, field and jumps, I was able to impart my full knowledge improving the standard of athletics in Aidan. Impressed with the most updated techniques , the other schools in Bahau and the districts soon followed suit. My passion was sports. I spent most of the time improving the facilities of the old fashioned procedures. St.Aidan, as a result, emerged as one of the top schools in the arena of athletics, football and basketball. I can proudly say that St.Aidan was the first school in the district to begin with the most advanced sports techniques.

To improve the infra-structure of the sports field, there were a number of able teachers who were there to assist without any grouses.They took such an interest working hand-in hand facilitating me in my efforts.

I have to mention two of such dedicated teachers namely, Mr.Nadarajah and Mr.R.Chandran. I cannot forget a number of other dedicated teachers who were posted to St.Aidan. We were lucky to have such wonderful dedicated teachers who took their teaching service dear to their heart. Volumes can be written about those early teachers for their sincere and dedicated service but time doesn’t permit now.

Most of the teachers were young and energetic. Every one of them gave their best. The parents, public in general, the estate managers, the wives of the teachers and even their children gave tremendous support whenever needed. It was amazing. This kind of support whether moral ,physical or financial towards the school, encouraged us to work harder.

As time passed, as natural some would be in their old age, some left the physical world and yet some spent their time nurturing their grand children telling them how they adored working as a young teacher in St.Aidan.

Over the years, the communication lines among the teachers and the students would have been interrupted or discontinued. I wish this website would bring them together and cherish the old memories .My mailing address is ganaidu1844@yahoo.com or naidu@un.org

I visited the school with my family members two years back. I couldn’t believe the once glorious school has come to this dilapidated condition. My children now mostly in overseas couldn’t stop crying seeing their old quarters where they lived and the field they played as kids. Whoever was running the school after Mr.Devadas Dorairaj had no idea of how the school was raised. Once a two room school on a borrowed land stood proudly until some years back with four blocks of buildings with a multipurpose hall on its own land has come to this pathetic stage. Maybe the present generation of teachers have entirely a different vision than those in the past!

However, I cannot forget the best times I had like raising funds, planning project after project, raising the educational standard of students in every field. I am sure the early teachers will agree, the closeness and cooperation we had among the teachers who were always laughing and joking but mindful of our dedication towards our duties. This, the closeness with the teachers cannot be forgotten. I owe my gratitude to Mr.Devadas Dorairaj under whom I learned the work ethics, dedication and leadership.The prime time of my life spent with St.Aidan cannot be forgotten and I hope I will forever cherish those sweet memories."

**well put,Mr Naidu. I have known this great gentleman all my life, and to me he has always been a father figure,taking me as his own son since I was young.His dedication to the field of sports in St.Aidan is unsurpassed to this very day, and many past teachers and parents have commented and complimented his efforts.We wish him our sincerest wishes as he undertakes more serious roles serving humanity.There will be more postings about Mr.Naidu in the weeks to come.In the meantime, you can contact Mr.Naidu directly, or email us at staidanbahau@gmail.com with your full contact details,and we will forward your mails to him.**

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