Wednesday, February 21, 2007

update on the St.Aidan 50th Anniversary Celebration

It's been a frantic 24 hours since the last post, as I've been trying to reach out and establish if there really is gonna be an event to commemorate st.aidan's 50th year anniversary.Thank god I got the answer,and from none other than Mr.Devadas who surprised me from out of the blue with a call.I almost fell off my chair when I realised it really was him on the other side of the line.It's not everyday you get a call from someone you havent had an exchange of words for 30 years!!!!

I cant think of anyone who hasnt heard of Mr.Devadas, who I believe (with all due respect to all the other past headmasters and current one), is definitely numero uno in everyone's good books.He's been hailed as the man who made the right changes and whose vision transformed the school into what was once one of the finest primary schools in the country. I was such a toddler when he was around, but I am making an effort to go and meet up with him to get some insights and a lesson in history during his tenure as HM of the school.There will be a separate post about him in the weeks to come,and if I get lucky,I'll soon be able to feature all those long lost teachers and ex-students of the school in individual blog postings.

He did link me with one very precious information.A glimmer of hope that the gathering was really gonna happen.And the link was to Usha Appadurai, who I found out is part of a committee who have exciting things lined up for the grand event come October this year.For the moment she has mentioned that there will be two smaller sized event to be held in KL, and the biggie in October.Probably held in the school field with a tent, and hopefully the Menteri Besar of NS to be the guest of honour.It's still early days, but things are gaining momentum.

I hope the event in itself will not be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It would be a travesty to have participants gather from all over the country and beyond for just one day, and then return to their own private lives, allowing the memories of the school to drift by.I hope the event will be a catalyst to renewed friendships, jolly-sing-alongs, business opportunities,a sharing of childhood dreams and a synergy of camaraderie souls.It would be fantastic to keep a little flame of the school burning in each of us.Because, after all, when we look back someday, it certainly was the true beginning for many of us.

I wish I had more photos to post.Im still digging my old photo albums, and I am looking everywhere for the school's only 3 yearbooks "Follow The Gleam" (one red,blue and another olive green).I hope they surface from somewhere..or from someone. Im trying to get my dad to lend me some of his old photos. I did a comprehensive search about the school on the net..and I ended up with zilch!What a pity.Not even a single image or story to fall back on.Totally frustrating..yet a blessing in some ways.I figure,if I had it easy, I would not be appreciative of the history of the school, and now I am forced to go back in time and dig up as much information as I can.Along the way, I'm sure, Im meant to stumble upon precious nuggets I may have missed if information was so easy to come by.
Oh,well...que sera sera.

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