Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where Are They Now? Mr Nadarajah

The dashing Mr.Nadarajah back then with the 2nd batch students of 1959.Standard 1 pupils
Name :

Mr. Nadarajah

St.Aidan Years :

1958 to 1960; 1963 to 1977

Currently :

A contented grandfather who enjoys raising his grandchildren in Seremban

Best Moments of St.Aidan :

"I fondly remember the fun fairs the school board and PIBG organized to raise funds by selling coupons, back then. It was such a wonderful experience and I even remember one time where we offered a mini minor car as a first prize for the raffles draw. Then there was also the spirit of healthy competition that used to run in our veins to out-do each other during sports meets.Each school house would work secretly on their own projects to become the most decorated and it was quite intense amongst the teachers to pull off a great show.But the amazing thing was, once the sports were done,we'd all get together and have a laugh about it over drinks.No grudges involved.Also, I enjoyed the days when I was involved with the cinema club. "

What do you miss the most about the school?

"I lived in the school quarters for many years, and to me,it was like my second home.No,let me correct that.It WAS home!Years later when I had to leave the school, it made me very upset walking away from so many good memories and good people. "

Who would you like to connect with the most?
" Anybody and everybody who remembers me"

A History lesson please....

" St.Aidan started off as a break-away school.The first batch of students were the standard one pupils in 3 class-rooms in St.Aidan. The standard 2 pupils were based in town in a shoplot and the standard 3 class was in Taisho estate.The school began to take shape from 1959 onwards.Of course, the foundation stone of the school was set up in 1957, making it 50 years old this year."
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